BizHub 2018 Update

2018 Big Year for BizHub

After officially launching Phase 2 of BizHub Industrial Park in late 2017, 2018 brought some action out to the park. With the sale of Lot 8; Block 5 (6.091 acres) in October 2018, and Lots 9 (5.256 acres) & 10 (5.651 acres); Block 5 conditionally sold, we are excited to announce three new lots for sale. VISIT BIZ-HUB.CA

Lot 11 – Rare Opportunity

With only one highway fronting lot still available for sale, Lot 11; Block 5 (5.387 acres) is a rare opportunity for those that desire center stage, at the corner of Highway 16 & 71st Street. With the new intersection and improved access to the park, Lot 11 won’t be on the market for long.  VIEW LISTING

Auction Mart

We have brought on the Auction Mart Building, that sits on Lot 13; Block 5 (7.102 acres) as an official BizHub Lot. The price per acre, includes the 48,000 sq. ft. building that currently resides on the lot. Lot 12; Block 5 (8.248 acres) is also now available.  VIEW LISTING