60 North Industrial

Concorde Group Corp. is pleased to announce the purchase of 112 acres of prime development land also known as 60 North Industrial in the City of Saskatoon. With the continued growth of Saskatoon’s North Industrial Sector, this land will play a vital role in filling the demand of our cities industrial businesses. Faithfull Avenue, 71st Street and Marquis Drive will all run directly through this presently raw land and will provide businesses with direct access to Highways 11,12 and 16. This purchase, along with the purchase of our NorthAgri Industrial Holding, Concorde has solidified itself as a major player in the industrial land development industry in Saskatoon, SK.

For further information on this land and its future use, please call Mary Hipperson at 306-668-3004.

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    60 North Industrial 
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    Mary Hipperson - 306-715-8700 mhipperson@concordegroup.com